Unparalleled Commitment to the Client.

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The custom builder of choice in the Philadelphia region

Spire Builders takes pride in constructing quality custom homes. Every detail of the building process is carefully thought out and installed by a team of dedicated craftsmen. Using the area's premier contractors, Spire Builders assembles a team of specialists to construct every project to exacting standards.

Construction Management at its finest

Spire Builders uses a "cost plus" approach to financially manage the custom home building process. This format allows for complete transparency and creates a trusting working relationship. "Cost plus" refers to how Spire Builders earns a fee for their construction services, although the Spire Builders approach has an innovative twist. Unlike most builders, Spire Builders incorporates a locked profit margin for the construction costs and allowances.

First class materials & specifications

A locked profit margin ensures that once the project begins, the amount of management fee that Spire Builders earns remains the same, and Spire Builders does not profit from any cost overruns due to budget variances. This allows changes to be made without the excessive surcharges that can be part of other types of building agreements

Remodeling and Home Design