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About Spire Builders

The building of a truly custom home is a time consuming and detailed process for everyone involved. Spire Builders is focused on customer service as the number one priority for the duration of the project.

Using a construction management based approach to the home building process; Spire Builders subcontracts all of the work for the project to qualified contractors. Spire Builders manages these contractors through daily supervision and comprehensive contractual agreements.

Spire Builders can also provide "green" construction practices, and builds all homes using energy efficient construction methods and materials.

What differentiates Spire Builders?

One of the greatest issues that clients face during the construction process is the realization that most budgets and allowances are not a clear reflection of the actual final costs. Clients realize quickly that the original budget that was anticipated at the beginning of the project becomes obsolete because the builder reflected too many unrealistic budgets and allowances. Some builders employ this strategy intentionally, knowing that the client's selections would be much higher in cost, which in turn produces a higher profit for the builder. Spire Builders removes this loophole by locking the profit, so that there is no concern over an unrealistic budget or allowance.

Spire Builders operates with a policy of no fees on any change order

Spire Builders incorporates a locked profit margin for the construction budget, for both the cost plus and lump sum jobs. This also includes allowances. This arrangement ensures that the client will know that they are not being taken advantage of from the beginning.

A proven track record of reliable cost estimates

Over the years, our detailed record keeping has enabled our accounting system to become a vast resource for real world construction costs. With these historical costs, we are able to provide detailed costs estimates that can be up to 50 pages in length. With such granular detail, our estimates have proven their accuracy year after year. A true testiment to our reliability is that - - - 100% of our projects have completed on budget, or under budget. - - -


Alex's Lemonade Stand

Spire Builders is a proud sponsor and supporter of Alex's Lemonade Stand. The work that they do to fight childhood cancer is simply amazing. We encourge you to visit their website and learn more about this great charity. www.AlexsLemonade.org

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