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What Spire Can Offer You

Pre Construction Phase Services:

The key to a successful project is to plan ahead, and Spire Builders will be involved in the early pre-construction phase of a project. By providing guidance at this stage, Spire Builders is able to coordinate the design development while having the ability to refine the budget through design alterations. The customer will employ their own design team such as architects and interior designers, and Spire Builders will act as an advisor to the customer to provide costs analysis and feasibility studies to enable confident recommendations for the various design considerations. During this pre-construction phase, the services which Spire Builders will offer will include:

  1. Design Coordination
  2. Development of the project specifications
  3. Budgeting
  4. Acquiring bids and pricing from subcontractors. This focus in the early stage of the project is not commonly found in residential construction

Construction Phase Services:

Spire Builders will act as the construction manager for the construction phase of the project. The services which Spire Builders will offer will include:

  1. Daily supervision of the work to ensure quality.
  2. Project Management oversight to maintain the schedule and adapt to any changes.
  3. Contract Administration to create and maintain the various subcontracts.

By putting the customer first, and delivering projects which exceed their expectations, Spire Builders has developed a reputation as the leading custom home builder in the Philadelphia area. This respect has been earned through the recommendations of one customer to another.

The structure of how various construction companies are paid to build the custom homes could take on two general forms. The first form is offering a fixed price for construction, where the builder carries the risk of pricing the job competitively, but leaves enough room for profit once all of the costs for the construction of the house are paid for. The second form is building custom homes on a cost plus arrangement where the customer pays for the cost of the construction of the home plus a management fee. This structure is less speculative then the fixed price model and is where Spire Builders has it main focus. By offering services using the cost plus approach, Spire Builders leverages the inherent transparency of the fee structure to instill trust with the customer, because the customer is fully aware of the fee which Spire Builders is earning.

This brochure provides a detailed insight into the process of building a custom home with Spire Builders.

Spire Builders Brochure from SpireBuilders
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